The Foundation exists to support the mission of African American, Inc. - to provide funding opportunities for educational institutions, to raise awareness about African Americans' rich culture and to recognize the African American citizen's place in the history of the United States.

Throughout time, education has been the key to changing the trajectory of individual's lives to develop, enrich and create sustainable communities and improve the quality of life.

The rich heritage of African Americans proves this through the various inventions and contributions that have been made to our country and the world.

The AAI Foundation will support programs in the following core areas:

  • Historical Programs with a focus on African Americans.
  • Educational Programs that provide hands-on, experiential learning projects for diverse communities.
  • Arts Programs that benefit diverse communities and promote mutual respect¬†and cultural understanding.
  • Literary Programs that seek to enhance learning for children and provide enrichment opportunities for the underserved.
  • Research programs developed to address needs in underserved communities with an emphasis on minority populations.

African American, Inc. Foundation is dedicated to humanitarian efforts and to leaving a lasting philanthropic legacy.


Heritage. Achievement. Excellence.